Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Lords Results

Their Lordships have spoken - the results were

Wholly Appointed For 361 Against 121 Majority 240 Total Voting 482
50% Elected For 46 Against 409 Majority 363 Total Voting 455
60% Elected For 45 Against 392 Majority 347 Total Voting 437
80% Elected For 114 Against 336 Majority 222 Total Voting 450
100% Elected For 122 Against 326 Majority 204 Total Voting 448

So it's quite clear - The Lords wishes to remain an unelected House. How will the Commons react?

Should the issue be left to die? Or should a concerted effort begin to change - not just the House of Lords - but the whole constitutional settlement. One thing is clear from the debates of the last two weeks - there is great unhappiness at

* the power the Executive has over Parliament
* the power political parties have, and could have in selecting candidates

What do you think should happen? Please share them with this transatlantic community.