Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Keep Watching - It's Fascinating

Sorry no blogs for a couple of days - but a very busy time here at Westminster. I've spent many hours watching the House of Lords debate - which reaches its climax at 15.30 onwards (GMT) today.

To watch both archive of the Lords debate (and last weeks Commons debate) plus live coverage today go to


In addition, I am just off to the Modernisation Committee where Lord (Philip) Norton; Robert Blackburn; Philip Cowley; Philip Giddings and Michael Rush - the leading academics on the British Parliament, plus up & coming Gemma Rosenblatt of the Hansard Society - will be giving evidence to the Commons Modernisation Committee in their hearing on "Strengthening the Role of the Backbencher AND Making Better Use of Non-Legislative Time".

A Feast for everyone interested in how the UK Parliament functions. It too should be available live & on archive on Parliamentlive.tv.