Thursday, 4 February 2021

Watch it Live!


I still remember as a youngster (in the 1970s) reading the report of debates in the House of Commons in the Times newspaper. "Today in Parliament" had reports about debates - but in those days you couldn't listen to the speakers themselves. Much has changed. The Times reports ended in 1990s, Radio and then TV became available from the Chamber  - and whereas reading Hansard once required a subscription or a visit to a HMSO office - today we can get our information direct from legislatures from a tablet or desktop - FOR FREE! 

My most used sites include (and please free to Bookmark these sites for your own use - and do explore them! - it isn't just live feeds from the main chamber - but also from committees - and the more you get used to the sites, the easier it is to navigate.

UK Parliament : both chambers (Commons & Lords) plus committees - https://parliamentlive.tv/

US House of Representatives - https://live.house.gov (Chamber) - most committees have their own channels (often on Youtube - visit your preferred committee website on the House Website for more details. I like to watch the Rules Committee (I'll explain why in a future post).

US Senate - Floor - similarly individual committees have their own channels.

European Parliament

Assemblée Nationale (France) - Plenary - Live Recordings of Plenary, Committees, Events 

Bundesrat (Germany)

National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China - see Special Reports

Canada's House of Commons 

Welsh Senedd