Tuesday, 13 June 2017

House of Commons Library - A Resource for Citizens

The House of Commons Library is not just a collection of books. It provides a first class research service to MPs. MPs can seek answers to specific questions - but they also produce a range of non-partisan research briefings on a multitude of subjects.

These papers - ranging from short 'Standard Notes' to lengthy, in depth research papers, are made available to the public on the Parliamentary website - and you can subscribe to email notifications about new publications.

Yesterday, I received a number of emails from the Library announcing publication of a number of papers - across all policy areas. As a lecturer in Constitutional Law, I have recommended many of their papers which explain the workings of our Constitution and Parliament. As a researcher, House of Commons Library Papers have provided useful background information - and the starting point for further research. As someone with specific policy interests - they are invaluable for keeping myself informed about the issues.

Do visit http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/offices/commons/commonslibrary/
All their publications are free - and of a very high standard. The page above is easy to use for searching particular issues - and includes a link to sign up for notifications of new (and updated) publications) - https://subscriptions.parliament.uk/accounts/UKPARLIAMENT/subscriber/new?.