Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Last Few Days

Campaigning is back - and the race is on to get out the vote before polls close on Tuesday. This is being written in a coffee shop in Old Town, Alexandria as the dawn breaks. When I arrived at King Street Metro it was still dark - but after a brisk walk eastwards, I'm now enjoying a coffee. Later on I'll be heading back to the Huntington Metro Station. The Kaine campaign office is near there.

Sandy has passed, though later today King Street may again suffer some flooding, as the heavy volume of rain upstream on the Potomac makes its way towards the sea.

Yesterday morning was spent on "The Hill" - first in a coffee shop, where I did a bit more work on my thesis, then in the Congressional Research Service and finally the Rayburn Office Building. Members of Congress have their offices in the Capitol Building itself, or the three House Office Buildings. Rayburn is the largest - and it is named after the legendary Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn. I had the opportunity to chat about US and British politics - and the challenges for the future.

Later on I went to New Hampshire Avenue, then in the evening returned via Alexandria to the home I'm staying at in Mount Vernon. There is a free trolley bus which operates along King Street, Alexandria. It was full of parents and children making their way to a Halloween event, and me (dressed in my suit with a shiny pink tie - I don't know what was more scary!)

Before I move on I will be reading 'Politico', which is available at a box by King Street Metro, it is also available online. Then it's off for a day working on the joint Obama-Kaine-Moran/Connolly  campaigns.