Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Week Ahead (and beyond)

Both Parliament and Congress return from their breaks. On Tuesday President Obama will come to the Congress in the evening to deliver his first State of the Union Address. At Westminster there are a number of interesting committee meetings on some key subjects.

For more details -

House of Representatives: http://democraticleader.house.gov/docUploads/7WeeklyLeader22309.pdf?CFID=7017212&CFTOKEN=43085550

Westminster: http://services.parliament.uk/calendar/2009/02/23/week.html

As you may already know, I will be a candidate in the European Elections in June. While Washminster usually appears on a daily basis - due to the additional workload, I will be reducing the number of posts, by approximately half. Please do keep coming up on a regular basis - and I will continue to post details of particularly relevant developments.