Thursday 13 November 2008

The House of Lords and the Intelligence and Security Committee

The House of Lords is due to consider the Third Report from the Procedure Committee, which deals with proposed new arrangements for nominating members of; and debating reports from the Intelligence and Security Committee. Unlike other select committees this one is appointed by, and reports to the Prime Minister.

The main recommendations are -

that in future the Usual Channels should agree on a member or members to nominate, and that the Leader of the House would then seek the approval of the House by tabling a motion in the following terms:

"The Lord President (Baroness Royall of Blaisdon) to move that this House approves the nomination of Lord/Baroness [name] as a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee."

The final appointment would then formally be made by the Prime Minister, in consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, in accordance with the Intelligence Services Act 1994.


that there should in future be a presumption that ISC reports will be debated, subject to a decision of the Usual Channels in each case; and that the presumption should be that annual reports should be debated in Grand Committee and that special reports should be debated either in Grand Committee or in the Chamber.