Friday, 4 January 2008

Next Steps

Iowa has spoken - and it is clear that for both parties there will be an exciting few weeks ahead. The next major test for the candidates is the primary in New Hampshire. Unlike Iowa, this is a primary - which involves an election rather than a caucus, which is in effect a 'private' party meeting.

The timetable for the selection process is

January 5: Wyoming (GOP caucuses)
January 8: New Hampshire (primary)
January 15: Michigan
January 19: Nevada (precinct caucuses), South Carolina (R primary)
January 26: South Carolina (D primary)
January 29: Florida
February 1: Maine (R)
February 5: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado (caucuses), Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (D), Illinois, Kansas (D), Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico (D), New York, North Dakota (caucuses), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah
February 9: Louisiana, Kansas (R)
February 10: Maine (D caucuses)
February 12: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
February 19: Hawaii (D), Washington, Wisconsin
March 4: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont
March 8: Wyoming (D)
March 11: Mississippi
April 22: Pennsylvania
May 6: Indiana, North Carolina
May 13: Nebraska (primary), West Virginia
May 20: Kentucky, Oregon
May 27: Idaho (R)
June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota
August 25-28: Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado
September 1-4: Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St.

November 4: Election Day

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