Friday 4 January 2008

Iowa Democrats Caucus

The map shows the geographical distribution of the results. A county is coloured according to the candidate who won the highest percentage of the vote.

Pink - Barack Obama: Green - John Edwards: Blue - Hillary Clinton

Obama won the counties with the urban areas. Des Moines; Cedar Rapids; Davenport; Sioux City and Waterloo are the five largest cities; Obama won in each city - except for Sioux City in which he tied with Clinton. His counties also include Dubuque; Ames and Cedar Falls. These are also the most Democrat areas - In 2004 Kerry did best in the 1st (53%) and 2nd (55%) Districts. They are the districts on the East (the brown lines are the district boundaries).

Edwards strength was in the rural areas - the south western part of the 2nd District and the south central of the state.

Clinton's counties are concentrated in the south west and north, at the boundaries of the State. Sioux City and Council Bluffs lean Republican and the fifth district (in which she led in 15 counties [tying in 2 of those] out of 32) voted 60% for Bush in 2004. The fourth district is also Republican held and gave a small majority to Bush - much of it coming from Ames, which Obama won.