Wednesday 19 September 2007

Virginia Elections

If you live in the UK you might imagine that there are no elections in the USA this year. An impression caused by the emphasis on the Presidential election and Congressional elections of 2008 in the media. In fact, because the US has a greater number of levels of elected officials (Federal; State; County etc) every November has at least some elections, somewhere.

In Virginia the General Assembly has elections on November 6th 2007. Senators elected that day will serve until 2011, whilst Members of the House of Delegates serve for a two-year term.

These elections will be watched with interest. The retirement of Republican John Warner will make the US Senate seat an open race. The strength of the two parties in this years State elections will be watched carefully. At the moment the party strengths are

Senate: Republicans 23; Democrats 17

House of Delegates: Republicans 57; Democrats 40; Independents 3.

For more information on the election process visit the Virginia State Board of Elections http://www.sbe.virginia.gov/cms/and for details of candidates (and their websites) visit http://www.vote-va.org/BallotCandidates.aspx?Election=20071106OVA000000ALL

The photograph above is of the State Capitol in Richmond. The building was designed by Thomas Jefferson.