Wednesday, 21 April 2021


A new streaming "Radio" station begins broadcasting at 00.01 on Monday 26th April. The new station is called "Spectrum On Air"

I will be contributing to the output of Spectrum on Air with a programme called "PPS" - which is about the Process(es), People and Sources in law and decision making. This won't be confined to the United Kingdom - as we can be listened to across the world - I will be looking at other nations and regions - so if you are interested in the US, France, India, China, the European Union, developments in South America - PPS will deal with them. Even within the UK we will be explaining and following practice and developments in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England - as well as the United Kingdom as a whole. [And the future of the UK is going to be a live issue in the coming days and week]

But it won't be all talk - I'm seeking to balance intelligent talk and interviews with some great music.

So how can you listen in?

From 00.01 (British Summer Time) Spectrum on Air will be available at http://www.spectrumonair.com . You can tune in any time day or night (wherever you are listening from), once we launch.

My "PPS" Programme airs at

12.00 - 13.00 (BST) Monday

(07.00 am on the US East Coast : 13.00 Central Europe Summer Time - Paris, Brussels & Berlin)

It will be re-broadcast (unless we go live - which I can do from home (or wherever I can get wifi) - which I may do occasionally if there is a major story breaking) at the following times

01.00 - 02.00 (BST) Wednesday -

(USA & Canada 5pm Pacific Daylight Time : 6pm Mountain Daylight Time : 7pm Central Daylight Time : 8pm Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday Evening)

(Australian Eastern Standard Time - 10.00am : China - 9am : India 05.30am)

10.00 - 11.00 (BST) Wednesdays and Fridays

(11.00 Central European Daylight Time and 12.00 Noon in Eastern European Summer Time - Greece : Beirut & Bucharest)

(13.00 Gulf Standard Time - Dubai, Oman, UAE : Moscow : Georgia : Armenia : Azerbaijan)

I'll be posting pieces relating or relevant to pieces on the programmes on this blog.

So, Washminster will be back - on a more frequent basis - and you have the "two for one offer" of Washminster and PPS!