Monday, 8 May 2017

R (Miller) v SoS for Exiting the EU

Have you read, in full, the judgment in R (Miller) v SoS for Exiting the EU?

If you are taking an Exam involving Constitutional Law this summer - then I would advise you, as strongly as I am able, to

(1) Download the case - from the link above

(2) Read the case - what are the main arguments discussed? How do the judges deal with each of them?

(3) Evaluate - for yourself - the arguments made, accepted or rejected.

(4) Prepare revision cards on the case - and its arguments

(5) Practice explaining the case - and its reasoning - you don't need to torture a spouse or a friend (may be an ex- after you do so) - but go for a walk and work out how you would put it; or put a soft toy in a comfortable seat & explain to them (advantage - no awkward questions!)