Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday - Final day of Lords Ctte stage of Brexit Bill

If you wish to follow the final day of Lords Committee Stage of the European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill today - it will be online at http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/708e9efa-beac-4dbf-b201-a2d52a057372 - The House will meet at 3pm and take prayers first (not broadcast) then there will be four questions lasting about 30 minutes.

The "order paper" for the day's business in the House of Lords can be found at https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201617/minutes/170301/ldorderpaper.pdf

Statues high on the walls of the Chamber represent the Lords who forced King John to concede the Magna Carta in 1215.

Documents relating to the European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill can be accessed on http://services.parliament.uk/…/europeanunionnotificationof…

The key to use are

* the Bill itself, https://www.publications.parliament.uk/…/201…/0103/17103.pdf 

* the explanatory notes,  https://www.publications.parliament.uk/…/2…/0103/17103en.pdf  and

* the Marshalled list of amendments (Amendments will be referred to by the number on that list) https://www.publications.parliament.uk/…/0…/17103-I(Rev).pdf

(If you are in the UK, and a TV Licence holder you can watch part 1 of the series "Meet the Lords" at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08h4k1k/meet-the-lords-series-1-1-joining-the-club