Monday 3 March 2014

Lawyers Obits

I was going to write a post about some of the judges that law students will recognise from law reports. I intended to start with Lord Denning. The first page I came upon to undertake some research was the Daily Telegraph's obituary - and I became distracted.

The Telegraph has a whole series of obits about people associated with the law. I thoroughly recommend taking a look around. It can be accessed at


It is of course being added to all the time! It covers not just judges; but  famous barristers and solicitors (though their fame may derive from other activities); academics (students may recognise the names of certain textbooks); and others involved with the law.

I also discovered that "Hart" of Pepper v Hart was the first person to win Mastermind! (I used to take students on unofficial tours of the Palace of Westminster - when I was a full time law lecturer, and before I worked at Westminster & had a pass! - and I took one group in to hear arguments in that case - and we saw the actual judgment being delivered - it just happened that we were there on the days!)

Law is certainly a profession which produces some interesting characters!