Friday, 24 June 2011

Open Learn

The Open University has a website dedicated to providing free online courses.  These cover a wide range of subjects - the full list of topics can be accessed here.

There are a number of courses relevant to politics and law - I'd encourage you to explore the full site, but here are a few that are of particular relevance to Washminster.

Parliament and the Law 
Foreign Policy under Obama

The meaning of crime
What is Europe?
Engendering citizenship

I must declare my own interest in the Open University. My parents both studied for their degrees in the first years of the University. I was given the privilege of growing up in a home where study in the evening (and in the very early morning - in the pre-video age, it was necessary to watch OU programmes at unearthly hours!) was normal. The OU programmes broadcast on TV also helped me in my studies. For the last 13 years I have been an Associate Lecturer, tutoring on the W200 and W201 Law courses. These are elements of the LL.B. Law Degree which is offered by the OU. I also teach on the Y166, "Starting with law" Openings course. As Walton Hall is just a short bus ride away - I sometimes make use of the excellent library there. Even at home - or while working elsewhere (even on a coach or train with wifi) - I have, as do all OU tutors and students, access to their online library.