Tuesday 13 April 2010

Labour's Most Vulnerable

Labour's most vulnerable seats are all in the south east of the country - they are

Battersea (London, not far from Westminster) - MP (1997-2010) Martin Linton restanding

Crawley (close to Gatwick Airport) - MP (1997-2010) Laura Moffatt restanding

Croydon Central (Outer London, to the South of the centre) - no incumbent (old Croydon Central was Tory held - but boundary changes make this a nominal Labour seat)

Gillingham & Rainham (Kent commuter towns near the River Medway) - MP (1997-2010) Paul Clark restanding

Harlow (Essex) - MP (1997-2010) Bill Rammell restanding

Hove (next to Brighton on the south coast) - MP (2005-2010) Celia Barlow restanding

Portsmouth North (Naval town) - MP (2005-2010) Sarah McCarthy-Fry restanding

A swing of just 0.5% from Labour to the Conservatives would lead to a change of party in all of these constituencies. Of course in real-life swing is not uniform.

The train map for the are can be accessed here.