Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Morning

Conference is due to kick off at 10.45 this morning. There are a couple of breakfast meetings; A team of MPs will play the Press at football- and seminars will be held for delegates. I shall be taking a long walk from my accommodation (with a few detours) to get into the conference site in time for the plenary session to begin.

There should be two major debates in the two plenary sessions (10.45-12.45 and 14.45 to 17.30) on "Crime, Justice, Citizenship and Equalities" and "Prosperity and Work". At lunchtime there are a host of fringe meetings - and I intend to go to a meeting organised by the European Parliamentary Labour Party (the Labour Members of the European Parliament) with the title "Setting A Peoples Agenda". This clashes unfortunately with a Fabian Society fringe meeting to discuss "Can Foreign Policy be a Labour Strength?"

Tonight I have a busy schedule of events - with receptions for the West Midlands (where I live - Rugby is just two miles within the eastern boundary) and the East Midlands (where I will be standing as a candidate in next year's European Elections).
Other receptions I hope to attend have been organised by the BBC with the British Council; Save the Children and the Fabian Society.

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