Sunday, 30 December 2018

Detroit DTW

One of my favourite airports to fly into the US is DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) - and I’ve used it a few times. (Flying Birmingham International Airport (easy to get to by train from Northampton (where we lived from 1982-2002), Rugby (2002-9) and Milton Keynes (2009 to date) to Amsterdam then to Detroit and then the final leg into National Airport in Washington DC. ) Sounds complicated, but was much pleasanter than the trips I look via Heathrow direct to Dulles, transport via London & into DC made them a much greater slog - and I found deals which made it cheaper.

Information about DTW can be found at 

Sunday, 29 April 2018


Since the beginning of this month, I have been a researcher and presenter on the Platform:MK the lunchtime show on Milton Keynes community radio station - Secklow 105.5FM

Listen live here (12.00 to 14.00 Tuesdays [UK Time], Wednesdays & Thursdays) -


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Queen's Speech 2017

After the Queen's Speech, each House will adjourn then start a series of debates on the content of the Speech and the legislative programme which the Speech has set out.
The House of Lords debates will involve a short session on Wednesday afternoon, where formal (often amusing) speeches will be made. The serious, in depth debate will begin on the following day, Thursday June 22nd. House of Lords Briefing Papers on each debate can be accessed by clicking on the links underlined for each day.

The robes will have disappeared and Peers will wear their usual working clothes.

Queen's Speech 2017: Day 1 - covering Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs; Defence; International Trade & International Development. (Thursday 22nd June)

Queen's Speech 2017: Day 2 - Business; Economic Affairs; Transport; Energy and the Environment and Agriculture . (Monday 26th June)

Queen's Speech 2017: Day 3 - Home Affairs; Communities & Local Government; Justice; Constitutional Affairs; Devolved Affairs. (Tuesday 27th June)

Queen's Speech 2017: Day 4 - Exiting the European Union (Wednesday 28th June)

Queen's Speech 2017: Day 5 - Education; Health; Welfare; Pensions and Culture. (Thursday 29th June)

The Speakers' list for each day is available for each day at calendar.parliament.uk

Thursday, 15 June 2017

What is Obstruction of Justice?

From the Washington Post

Magna Carta Day

802 years ago, King John was forced to do a deal with rebel barons on the meadows of Runnymede. They had become exasperated with his abuse of executive power - and demanded a halt.

I|n doing so they forced him to concede a principle which is central to the modern British Constitution - that the Executive must operate within the bounds of its legal authority.

It was a start - and although John sought to renege on it (and provoked a civil war which ended with his death)"., the principle remains. It has been developed further.But today we can rightly celebrate what happened on those Surrey meadows over eight centuries ago.