Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Washington DC

Tuesday saw me off the campaign trail. Instead I had meetings and work to do in Washington DC. During the night. I had done a live interview with BBC Northampton following the final presidential debate. When I got to DC that debate was still the main topic of conversation. People were taking the debate apart, discussing every line - it felt like the conversations you can hear in England immediately after a football game. The first time I came to this city I was chatting with a woman who told me that the thing she hated about Washington was that everyone talked politics 24 hours a day. I guess it's why I love being here!

This evening I went to Bob Carr's class at George Washington University (though the class is held at the Hall of States close to the Senate side of 'The Hill' and Union Station.) We were comparing and contrasting ethics rules in Congress and the British Parliament. What a great group he has - a really nice group of people, intelligent and engaged. I guess it counts as work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

From there Bob and I made our way to the Newseum, where there was a session in the Annenberg Theater on Campaign coverage in 2012. Candy Crowley, Gwendoline Ifill and Judy Woodruff were talking about their experiences in covering this campaign, and in particular chairing the debates. It was a fascinating insight into political journalism. I learnt a lot.

After a long, very long, day - I was glad to get to bed - but now - fully rested, and drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea, I'm looking forward to another day in the Great city.

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