Monday, 29 October 2012


I Didn't go to any of the campaign offices today. In fact politics is off the screens, at least for a few hours. Sandy is the big story of the day. Yesterday I went door-to-door canvassing. Just as I was getting into the car after finishing the sheet - the rain started. That was nearly 24 hours ago - and it hasn't stopped - the the intensity has increased. I was out a couple of hours ago and there are streams running along streets, and some very large standing puddles.

The wind is getting up now - we are about a couple of hours away from its expected height. It's nice to be indoors looking out! We expect to lose power at some point, so this is being hurriedly written before that happens.

Late last night emails went out from Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for the Senate for Virginia - asking supporters to take down their yard signs (the one's I'd been building in recent days) to avoid them becoming 'missiles' when the wind gets up. Overnight I did a live-to- air with BBC  Radio Northampton about the approaching hurricane.

Well, I'm going back to reading - for as long as I can. I hope that I'll be able to update this in a few hours. To all my friends in the NE USA - keep safe.

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