Saturday, 27 October 2012

No Lack of Excitement...

A pleasant day in Alexandria, where I spent the morning, but before I left the TV was warning people not to get a false sense of security. Sandy is coming!

...and this afternoon, as I sat in the offices in Huntington, a car went up in flames in the parking lot. The fire engines are just clearing up now.

At the farmers market in Alexandria I had been round speaking to the various political stalls set out on the sidewalk (pavement -UK). I put a couple of interviews on video, so I will post those later. Lots of Obama stickers were being worn, but then Alexandria is strongly Democratic. In Stratford Landing - using yard signs as an indicator - things are a bit more balanced.

Currently I am dispatching canvassers with their maps and lists of voters to call on. The level of volunteering is impressive. Tonight I will be catching up on reading. Don't forget if you are in the UK that the clocks go back - so the time difference will drop to four hours.

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