Saturday, 13 October 2012

Labour Party Conference

Sadly it was not possible to “blog” from Labour Party Conference as I had hoped – a mixture of computer problems (a ‘dodgy’ netbook) and very poor wifi signal in my hotel. In addition I was extremely busy during conference – and since my return have been wholly ‘absorbed’ in writing up my Ph.D.
I did, as promised, make some videos while I was there – and I will be uploading them to this blog as soon as I get a chance.

So here is the start of my “Conference Diary” (albeit a fortnight late – though as I’ve been typing up comments from Dick Crossman’s diaries – that’s relatively recent!) 

I arrived on Saturday 29th September. The Women’s Conference was on – but I’m not eligible to attend that. However the first events for delegates to the main conference began in the early evening. I attended two receptions – the first at the Town Hall, to welcome people to Manchester. The second was in the conference centre. Below is a video of the remarks made by the Party Leader, Ed Miliband 

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