Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Redistricting - English Style

The process of redistricting has begun in the United Kingdom, though it is referred to as a "Boundary Review". The Boundary Commission for England has produced a 30 page document which explains the process - and the way that it will be approached in the next few months.

If you are in the USA, you might this interesting as a comparison to the process being undertaken in your State. In the UK we have separate Boundary Commissions for each of the four nations in the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However they are required to work using the same principles - the key one being that elected politicians are kept at arms length. The Commissions are non-partisan - and it is not allowed to work for the Commission, let alone be a Commissioner, if you have had any partisan political involvement in recent years.

If you are in England - then this is a guide to how the process which will determine the makeup of our next few Parliaments will operate. I know friends who will be reading this document VERY CAREFULLY. I have read it, but am no longer chairing a local Labour Party committee which has been considering the Milton Keynes approach to the process.

The Boundary Commission for England's Guide to the Review is available here.

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