Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cabinet in Exile

On my way to Aylesbury College, my bus stops at the bus stop pictured to the left. I normally don't take much notice of bus shelters, but one morning I noticed the sign attached.

The shelter had been paid for by the exiled President of Czechoslovakia. In these two obscure villages in the very heart of Buckinghamshire the cabinet of occupied Czechoslovakia had found refuge.

President Benes fled after the Nazi Government of Germany had forced his resignation in the wake of the Munich Agreement. He came first to London, then moved to Aston Abbotts, some of his staff moved to nearby Wingrave.

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Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic David, but who do you consider to be the most significant US President post WW2?

Personally I think Nixon is very significant - a man who was in many respects a successful president, but unfortunately isn't always regarded in this manner.

Whilst being significant at the time, was Watergate really as big a presidential faux-pas as historians would like us to believe in the light of more recent political scandals and failure - I think not.