Monday, 6 June 2011

Course on Game Theory

On Saturday I posted about game theory in politics. On iTunes U there is a video course from Yale on the subject - which I have been working through over the weekend. It is an economics class - but counted at Yale as a Political Science course for those whose major was Poli Sci. It certainly used lots of examples relevant to politics.

The lectures are given by Ben Polak, Professor of Economics and Management.

I found the 24 lecture course on iTunes U, but it is also available here. On the Open Yale Courses website there are links to the lecture handouts and notes made on the blackboard.

The first lecture can be viewed below

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Anonymous said...

The Oscar winning film "A beautiful mind" about John Nash who won a Nobel Prize for his work on Game Theory.

If I recall that film properly the idea was not to try to date the prettiest looking women to get the best outcome!


:) P.