Friday, 12 August 2011

How Washminster is developing

Washminster will be developing further - it has since March 2007 concentrated mainly on Washington and Westminster matters. It has also provided course and revision materials for students of Law and Politics - again with the emphasis on UK & US Constitutional Law plus British and American Politics.

Washminster will continue to highlight developments in, and the background to these important areas. In fact it will extend its coverage. But, in addition, it will take on two further areas - The European Union and France. Next year will be a particularly interesting one for France - there will be both Presidential and Legislative elections. The additional coverage will particularly complement studies of EU Law; EU Politics and French Politics and Constitutional Law. I have taught EU Law on undergraduate Law for the last 21 years; European Institutions and Politics on politics courses - and myself studied Droit constitutionnel through the Universite de Poitiers.

This blog is aimed at readers interested in the workings of the democratic institutions of the USA, UK, France and the EU. An appreciation of history really helps understanding of where we are today - so I include many posts about historical matters.

It is also designed to provide an extra resource for students of Law and Politics. I currently teach on three of the Open University courses - Y166 Starting with Law (a taster course); W200 - Understanding Law (first of the LL.B. Law Degree courses - covering English Legal System; EU Law; Legal research and tasters of Constitutional Law; Tort and Contract) and W201 - The Individual & the State (UK Constitutional Law, Administrative Law; Human Rights Law and Criminal Law). I have also taught politics at Leicester University (undergraduate and Masters courses) and to American students on Educational Programmes Abroad courses.

If you are a student, I hope you will find this blog useful. Please don't hesitate to sent me any comments or questions.

If you know of someone who might find this blog complementary to their studies - please share with them the details of the blog.

In addition I operate a news retweeting service - WM_Alert.

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