Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

It's a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (the last Bank Holiday) before Christmas Day! My mind is therefore turning from the upcoming return of the UK Parliament (back on 5th September); US Congress (6th September); French Parlement (Special Session on 6th & 7th September) and European Parliament (Committees return to Brussels on Monday!!!). Instead I'm thinking about the upcoming American Football season.

I'm a fan of Washington Redskins (which other team could WASHminster follow?). Their website is accessible here. I've already copied & pasted the roster into an excel file - so have lists of the players by Name; Number and Position. My copy of the Official NFL Record & Fact Book, 2011 arrived on Friday.

I'm looking forward to watching Redskins games using NFL Game Pass on my computer - further details here.

I won't be posting any more until Tuesday (unless a major story breaks over the weekend). By the Way (or should I write BTW?) the photograph is ironic - its not expected to be a very summery weekend (but at least it's better than in Washington!!!) - this was a photo taken during our recent holiday in Brittany.

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