Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Short Holiday ending soon

Today is the last day of the short recess. Both Houses of Parliament return on Wednesday 2nd June, to continue their debates on the Queen's Speech. Next week legislative business commences.

As you may know from earlier posts, I enjoy listening to music - especially jazz. On Sundays from September to May I regularly spend the mornings at The Stables, Wavendon where "Jazz Matters" is held. We have one live performance a month - with talks (accompanied by music on CDs, & even vinyl). In June and July the music moves to the garden of Dame Cleo Laine and the late Sir John Dankworth. This year I have started a blog - and you are very welcome to visit it. I'll be posting every few days - and as the season starts, friends will be contributing their comments on performances they attend.

The blog can be accessed here.
Do drop me a line if you are coming to any of the events.

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