Saturday, 26 June 2010

Better Government Initiative

It is natural that much of the debate about "the running of the country" concerns issues of policy - what is the most appropriate economic policy (for an interesting article by Robert Skidelsky press here) or the best approach to the provision of education or health care. Yet it useful sometimes to reflect upon whether the practices of governing the country are themselves effective.

The Better Government Initiative "was formed as a response to widespread concerns about the practical difficulties which government today faces as it seeks to run the country against a background of rapid change." It is a private initiative by a number of individuals who have served in key positions within Whitehall and Westminster. A number of conferences have been held - and reports produced. Most helpfully a report entitled "Good Government: Reforming Parliament and the Executive" has been published.

It sets out some of the factors which have led to current malaise - and puts forward a number of recommendations. In coming weeks these proposals will be the subject of Washminster posts. I would urge you to take part in the debate.

BGI's website is accessible here.

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