Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday Evening

Since my last post I've been very busy. There was a lunchtime fringe meeting on Europe - more Europe, but different Europe. While next year's elections were of course a feature, the focus was on the advantages of EU membership - and the disadvantages of withdrawal

I didn't get the opportunity to see any of the afternoon's plenary - you might be tempted to say that I was indulging in the dark back corridor plotting - but no, I was out in the wonderful. sunshine . And we weren't seeking to overthrow the leadership; or stitch up a vote or an election - we were talking about, and discussing solutions to various practical issues our constituents were facing. (I have the luxury of not having any constituents - but a lot of experience in seeking solutionst).

In the evening I went to a meeting about the House of Lords - put on by Labour's front bench team there. Very informative about how the House works - and how to communicate views to members of a House made up mainly of part-timers, who don't have any personal staff - who may not use a computer - let alone email. Personal letters are the key - to Peers who have demonstrated an interest in the subject (and a search of Hansard online - or a look at 'Who's Who' in the local library can reveal this). Mass email bombing can be counter-productive.

Short visits to a Europe reception; a Diversity evening event in a local restaurant; and a karaoke event No, I didn't sing - my singing what have got me kicked out! I then returned to the hotel for an early retirement to bed.

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