Thursday, 15 August 2013

Assemblee nationale

When I was in Paris during our holiday, my first destination was the 'la boutique de l'Assemblee nationale'. Details of the shop - which sells books; posters; postcards and a variety of gifts - can be found here.

I bought a small book published by Dalloz entitled "Les grandes dates de la Cinquieme Republique" (to complete Arnaud Teyssier's "Histoire politique de la Cinquieme Republique (1958-2011) which I had bought earlier, and which became my main reading during the holiday.)

But my main purchase was "Notices & Portraits 2013". Pictures and brief descriptions of the current members of the Assemblee.These are set out by Departements. At the back an outline map of each departement shows where each circonscription (Constituency [UK]; District [US]) is.

There is an excellent website for the French parliamentary channel at http://www.lcp.fr/


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