Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Day at Westminster

Head down after the Corby by-election, as I have my (final?) Postgraduate Progress Meeting before I submit my thesis on Friday. The weekend was spent writing and tidying up the near 200 page document and other papers which had to be emailed to Hull by Monday morning.

Yesterday was a day for tidying up - and planning for the future. This morning, I took a very early morning train down to London - and on to Westminster where I now am. My previous Washminster  post raised issues which led to an interview on BBC Radio Northampton. Then some interviews with former whips to test my findings and conclusions.

So now I am enjoying a late breakfast, and have a copy of "House of Lords Business" (the 'Order Paper' for today in the Lords.) at my side. After the half an hour of questions, the third day of the Report Stage of the Financial Services Bill will be taken. In the "Dinner Break" there will be a short debate airing from Baroness Ford's question, "what progress has been made in improving neurological services, and in particular the provision of epilepsy services, in the United Kindom."

Both Houses allow many opportunities for specific issues to be raised and discussed. The House of Commons has its 'Westminster Hall' debates; daily 'Adjournment debates' and a host of other means. Citizens with concerns can contact their MP or a Peer (contact details can be found on the Parliamentary website - www.parliament.uk ) and seek to get an issue discussed.

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