Monday, 19 September 2011

Core Principles of the UK Constitution

The MindMap below highlights the key (indeed CORE) principles which underlie the UK Constitution. If you ever need to describe the UK Constitution - these are ideas which you need to explain.

Most textbooks will set out a definition; some authorities; some examples illustrating the application of the principle. You could use this MindMap as a starting point for your own larger MindMap (great for revision purposes) - make sure that you add a brief definition (better to put it in your own words than try to memorise a quote from someone else) plus a handful of key cases and examples.

Dicey was a genius at highlighting the key ideas in such doctrines. He is summarised in many textbooks - and his book "Introduction to the study of The Law of the Constitution" is worth a read - even if it's a skim read to get you "fit" prior to an exam.

A more recent book - which can be read in a few hours - and is both readable AND full of useful definitions and modern examples is the late Lord Bingham's "The Rule of Law"

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