Wednesday, 26 May 2010

View of the State Opening

The Queen's Speech was delivered a little after 11.30, but the lead up began hours before. Many Peers were taking breakfast in the Lords cafeteria just after eight. By ten guests were being shown around the corridors surrounding the House of Lords - believe it or not, it is extremely unusual to see many women wearing tiaras around the building yet on this day there were many.

At 10.20 I saw the French Ambassador's car arrive. Other distinguished guests arrived - some in cars, others - a few in fine uniforms - arrived on foot.

I heard the first band at 10.33. The volume increased as it came nearer - finally drowning out the sound of the helicopters flying above. Over the next half hour or so I had the opportunity to watch the events from a balcony on the West front.

Once the procession had arrived I joined a few peers who were watching the events on a television. The Queen delivered her speech, which sets out the Government's legislative agenda for the session ahead. I returned to the balcony to see the procession return towards Buckingham Palace.

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