Monday, 1 March 2010

The Great Offices of State

Sadly this post is only for those accessing the internet from the UK (though in the US you could contact BBC America to ask that the series be broadcast in the USA - press here or BBC World for other countries from here)

The BBC has recently broadcast a series about the Great Offices of State in the UK (Home Office; Foreign Office & the Treasury). True to the ethos of the BBC it is succeeds in being entertaining and informative (and provides a solid education in the working of the British system). There are interviews with politicians and civil servants covering a long period of time. The role, challenges and practices of each department are covered. The series is presented by the well respected veteran political reporter Michael Cockerill. The programme's website can be accessed here.

The programmes can be watched by following the links below (please note that these programmes are only available for a limited period - the site mentions 4th March)

I would strongly recommend the series to anyone with a general interest in the way government operates in Britain - and particularly students of politics, history and Law.

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