Thursday, 1 May 2008

While we await the results....

The BBC reports - "Millions of voters have been heading to the polls in local elections across England and Wales. About 4,000 seats on 159 councils are up for grabs, along with the London mayoralty and London Assembly.

Polls opened at 0700 BST and close at 2200 BST. There has been a mix of sunshine and showers in most areas. Results are expected overnight for more than 100 councils, but voters in Wales, some parts of England and in London must wait until later on Friday."

Once the results have come in, I'll write something on the blog [and it helps being five hours behind - results that appear in the middle of the night in the UK, come out at a more decent hour in Washington DC.

As well as conducting research on whips in Congress, the reason for my visit, I have done some relaxing reading. I picked up from the Senate giftshop a copy of Anthony S Pitch's "The Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814." - an interesting read, but I was a little surprised at his comment in the preface "Perhaps the story is not well known because it is a painful reminder of a humiliating episode." - it should be well known, every time I have toured the Capitol I am reminded by guides how the wicked British burned down Congress on 24th August 1814!

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