Sunday, 4 May 2008

The American Civil War

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It's impossible to understand the USA - including the current political culture - without recognising the importance of the Civil War which both split the nation during 1861 and 1865; and built the country we now know. You'll find a very interesting article on the signifance of the war at http://www.lewrockwell.com/woods/woods31.html.

As one recent writer put it - "The Civil War has never receded into the remote past in American life. The most momentous conflict in American history, it had a revolutionary social and political impact that continues to be felt today. The political firestorms of the 1980s and 1990s over the appropriateness of the Confederate battle flag flying over statehouses in Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina, for instance, demonstrate how deeply meaningful Civil War symbols remain in American politics, especially racial politics. "

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lauren said...

Hey there Proff. Morgan. This is Lauren Baker Askew. I studied under you while studying abroad in London in 1999, and had the pleasure of getting to see you again in America later that summer with your family. My husband and I were watching Prime Minister's questions tonight and heard about the elections, so I thought to see if we could find you on-line to see if you were running locally or currently in Parliment. We found your blog and it was exciting to see you in America. We now live in South Carolina and have two little ones, a boy and a girl. Too bad I can't attach a picture. Well, just wanted to say hello. I got a laugh out of hearing my British Prof. teach me even more about American history on your video. I hope you have a great time on your civil war tour. Here in the South the war colors so much of life even today. And being from NY, and the North I have learned much about how much an enormous and lasting effect the war between the states has had on the South. Well, take care and I hope your family is well. I bet Sarah and Paul are grown now! Take Care,

Lauren Askew

J David Morgan said...

Great to hear from you. Drop me an email on jdavidmorgan@excite.com - and I'll reply more personally.

All the very best