Saturday, 16 February 2008


I indicated a few days ago that I would be making an announcement - well this is it. I've been selected to be a candidate for the European Parliament on the Labour Party's East Midlands list. Currently members of the party across the region are being invited to place the candidates in an order of preference. Not quite a primary, but an opportunity for members of the Labour Party to select the individuals who will sit in the European Parliament after the 2009 Elections.

Glenis Willmott will be at the head of the list, she is the existing MEP. Members are currently voting for the order of names for the second to fifth position. At the European elections Labour will be allocated the proportion of seats in the East Midlands which equates to the proportion of the votes gained. (There will be 5 seats available)
I'm really enjoying campaigning in this part of the process - I will update you on progress - and on the subsequent campaign. While this blog will continue to concentrate upon Westminster and Washington, it will occasionally take a look at the newer parliament which meets in Brussels and Strasbourg.
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