Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Week Ahead

Business in the House of Commons will be dominated by the European Union (Amendment) Bill. A procedural motion will be debated on Monday - and the committee stage on Tuesday and Wednesday. The National Insurance Contributions Bill will have its remaining stages taken on Thursday.

In the House of Lords The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill continues its 3rd Reading on Monday. Tuesday will see the report stage of the Dormant Bank and Building Society Bill. On Wednesday the Local Transport Bill is due for its 3rd Reading and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill should get its 2nd Reading. In Grand Committee the Regulatory Enforcement & Sanctions Bill will be considered on Monday and Wednesday, and the Child Maintenance & Other Payments Bill on Tuesday. In the Chamber on Thursday there will be a debate on the consultation paper on War Powers; and another debate on the case for setting up a Woman's Justice Board.

Each week 'Commons Knowledge' is published which sets out details of all business in both Houses. It is available at http://www.parliament.uk/documents/upload/CommonsKnowledge.pdf

The Annual State of the Union Address will be delivered by the President on Monday evening. The Economic Stimilus Package will be the main business for the week, although there are 10 suspensions bills and the New England National Scenic Trail Designation Act (H.R. 1528) to be be considered too. The Senate resumes consideration of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Bill (S.2248) on Monday

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TLR said...

Yesterday Majority leader Harry Reid and his colleagues on the Senate floor thankfully rebuffed an attempt to end debate on s2248 with a 48-45 vote against cloture. Less encouraging was the vote that followed. The Senate voted against an extending the "Protect America Act"(PAA) beyond its February 1st expiration date by the same 48-45 margin. While Senators like Chris Dodd, Russ Feingold, and Ron Wyden fight to get a version of the revised FISA bill (s2248) passed which demands telcom accountablility and proper privacy safeguards, Senate Republicans and President Bush engage in a form of obstructionism that will likely lead to a reduction of intelligence gathering capability for the NSA and others in the intelligence community.
Harry Reid and has offered an 30 day extension of the PAA (the House is scheduled to approve an extension today), the President has threatened to veto any such extension (preferring, against all logic, to revert to the original FISA legislation), and the likely hood of the House and Senate getting a bill to the President's desk by Feb.1 is not likely. So as it now stands, we have an administration willing to put politics above the safety and a group of Senate Republicans more than comfortably with leaving us with a pre-9/11 version of FISA.