Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A Senator in the White House?

When John F Kennedy won the 1960 election campaign he became the last sitting Senator to win the White House - to date! Senatorial experience itself has become rare in the Oval Office over recent years. Of course senators have been candidates - John Kerry being the latest, but the trouble with being in the Senate, or the House for that matter, is that rollcall votes can be used against you in the campaign. Former Governors (Jimmy Carter; Ronald Reagan; George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush) don't have such an easy to use voting record.

2008 looks to break the senatorial drought. Senators Clinton, McCain and Obama are among the leading contenders.
As Iowa and now New Hampshire show, this is going to be a fascinating race. How many more sleep limited nights are ahead for those outside the US as we follow every turn?

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JamieC said...

You are of course right to point out the fact that roll calls can be used very easily against sitting Senators, but it is still amazing that there hasn't been one elected since JFK. Considering they represent one of the key strands of US politics, you would expect that their experience would be beneficial in creating support.

But 08 will certainly see a Senator for the Democrats, will be interesting to see if we have one from the GOP too. Certainly the best chance in a while of a sitting Senator securing the White House.