Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Future of Washminster

After the frantic events of yesterday - as power moved from Blair to Brown - the feverish atmosphere continues. We will have the details of the new Cabinet and Departments over the new day - and perhaps beyond.

Washmister will return to its usual pattern of a post a day. I hope you will continue to visit this blog. I'd appreciate your comments on the issues and matters raised - which can be done on the blog itself. I'd also appreciate any comments; suggestions that you have about what is being covered - and the style of the blog. These can be sent privately to me at jdavidmorgan@excite.com

There will be no post made on Friday 29th June, as I am taking a days break in Cherbourg.

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Naomi said...

What a day.

First of all, many thanks for sharing your experiences of such an important day. It is good to get a feeling of what was happening as the events took place.

I watched Tony Blair's last PMQ and was most impressed by the way he was treated. I felt this was most appropriate given the length of service he gave in such an important position.

I may not always have agreed with his decisions but I am convinced that this sustained period of stability has been most beneficial to individuals and commerce.

It is also most interesting to see that Tony Blair is now embarking on a fresh challenge. My previous conceptions of outgoing Prime Ministers is of people who appear to have little left to offer (which may be due to lack of confidence or lack of endurance). I admit to being very impressed with his commitment and energy.