Friday, 10 March 2017

Art 50 Library

Article 50 may well be triggered in the coming days - after the European Union (Notice of Withdrawal) Bill has received the Royal Assent - and that can only happen when "ping-pong" is concluded between the two Houses of Parliament. It is going to an interested week ahead! 

The House of Commons website states - "The House of Commons will now consider these amendments made by the Lords - a period that is known as ping pong. Time has been set aside on Monday 13 and, if necessary, Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 March 2017 for the consideration of Lords amendments."This post links to some of the key documents about Article 50.

HL Constitution Committee - The invoking of Article 50
House of Commons Library Papers on Art 50 - Brexit reading list: Legal and Constitutional issues pp 5 - 7 (with excellent links to useful documents and articles)

The Exiting the EU Committee has published two reports to date -

The process for exiting the European Union and the Government’s negotiating objectivesavailable here.

and The Government’s negotiating objectives: the rights of UK and EU citizens - available here.

The EU Committee in the House of Lords has published a number of reports on specific issues - and the list, with links to download the reports (for free) can be accessed here.

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