Friday, 6 January 2017

Following the House of Commons (particularly Oral Questions)

The Commons Business App can be found in the AppStore as "Commons Order Papers" - you can download for each sitting day the business papers for the day ahead. The one for next Monday is available now (we are currently in a recess - normally the papers are only available after the previous day's business has finished.

Part I is 'Business Today' - click on ''Business Today: Chamber" - that has all the oral questions set down for that day. Not all will be asked, when time runs out, remaining questions get only a written answer.
Part II is 'Future Business'

The Parliamentary website is www.parliament.uk

Follow the following tabs -

- Parliamentary business
  - Publications & Records
    - House of Commons business papers
      - Question Book (from this page you can download the PDF of dates and deadlines - direct link http://www.parliament.uk/documents/commons-table-office/Oral-questions-rota.pdf)
        - Questions for oral answer on a future day
(This comes out every day and lists questions up to the third parliamentary day from the date of issue.

Hansard is also available on the parliamentary website
- Parliamentary business
  - Publications & records
    - View & search Commons & Lords Hansards - direct link https://hansard.parliament.uk

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