Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fundamental Constitutional Principles Explained

If you are a law student (or about to study Constitutional Law - perhaps the W201 Open University course, which begins in October), or are interested in the workings of the "constitution" in a country which does not have a "Constitution" in the sense of a single written document - then I recommend looking at the session held yesterday by the House of Lords Constitution Committee. It contains two evidence sessions. The first involved Ministers from the Cabinet Office; the second two members of the UK's Supreme Court. It covers a number of key principles - and discusses them. Any student watching this will gain an important advantage when exams come, and it really was a fascinating session. I lost sleep over it!!!

BBC iPlayer: http://bbc.in/1IKOqQM (available in the UK for 28 days)
Parliament Live: http://goo.gl/FdruzX

Witness(es): Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and John Penrose MP, Minister for Constitutional Reform, Cabinet Office; Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President, and Baroness Hale of Richmond, Deputy President, The Supreme Court.

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