Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

A very special New Year greeting from Washminster.

Due to various computing problems and other demands on my time - 2013 saw the absence of this blog for long periods of time. The last included five week lack of access to the internet from my office at home - so no C-SPAN; streaming BBC Parliament & the downloading of CRS & House of Commons Library Research papers - :(

But the good news that we have a new internet provider (BT), and an exciting year ahead - next week I am giving the first of what I hope will be a series of academic papers on the 94th Congress; there will be mid-term elections for the US Congress; European Parliament elections; and the run-up to the much awaited General Election in 2015.

After eight years as a blog (do use the search box - or look at the archive), I'm planning a new look for Washminster. The original idea of daily posts may well disappear - but I hope to incorporate shorter pieces with audio pieces and videos. For my law students I will be giving new insights into the working of English law - and comparing with different legal solutions in use in other jurisdictions.

For followers of British; American and French politics - I'll be analysing and commenting upon developments. I'm planning an ambitious survey of key districts for the congressional elections in November. I'll also be putting a greater emphasis on history. This won't just be about Washington DC and Westminster, but the events which led to - and provide lessons - for contemporary politics.

French politics will also be covered - and my French language skills have been improving thanks to both an excellent conversation class in Milton Keynes - and a full set of Rosetta Stone courses (and other material).

I hope that you will enjoy the goodies to come from Washminster - and have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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