Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to Washminster

Today marks the official start of many Open University courses. I’d like to welcome all students – particularly my own – who I’ll be meeting tomorrow in Oxford (W201) and Birmingham (W200) and in Reading (W200) on 16th February. Both courses are interesting – and I will be posting frequently on subjects relevant to these courses.

If you’re not one of my students – you too are welcome on Washminster. The blog focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on the British Parliament; the US Congress and the European Parliament. So there will be lots of relevant posts if you are studying UK or US constitutional Law; British, US or European politics; EU Law; or history. Please do make any comments – either on the substance of posts, or matters you’d like to discuss further.

Washminster has been going since 2007 – and you might find it interesting (or even useful) to look back at previous posts. There’s a search engine – or you can look at posts by date. I was in the US for the presidential elections of 2008 & 2012; at Westminster when some interesting events occurred (such as the day when Brown replaced Blair as Prime Minister).

Currently I’m coming to the end of my studies for a Ph.D. looking at whips in the four Houses of the British Parliament and US Congress. That’s the reason why Washminster has been quiet over the winter – I’m writing up. I’ve still a little more to do but full service should return to Washminster in the not TOO distant future.

Once again, Welcome to Washminster – and if you are starting your studies today (OK, I know many of you will have read quite a bit already & a few are even progressing with their first eTMA – not due in until 6th (W200) or 13th (W201) March!) – can I wish you well in your studies.


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