Sunday, 22 May 2011

Government Websites

Quality in Government is important. As citizens we should expect OUR government to strive for the highest possible standards.

The purpose of government is to serve its citizens - to provide 'goods' (not merely in the physical sense) that we would otherwise not have if individuals had to provide them for themselves. Examples include Security - against external attack (be that violence directed against the country or individual criminal behaviour); a level playing field (ensuring that the powerful don't wrongfully exploit the less powerful (trading standards has a history over the centuries); and providing collective provision to insure against individual misfortune (in Britain, the National Health Service; assistance when illness and unemployment hit).

I was encouraged to see on "Twitter" that a spreadsheet had been provided which enables designers of government websites to check for compliance with good practice. It can also be used by citizens to judge the sites - and provide feedback to our governments. High Standards are worth pursuing.

The spreadsheet is available here. If you are interested in promoting Good Government can I recommend the "Government in the Lab" website. It is in every citizen's interest to have accountable, transparent and effective Government!

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