Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Catching up on the News

With the internet, there has been an explosion of sources of news - long gone are the days when we have to rely on what the limited number of permitted radio and TV stations and newspapers report. Of course there is a downside. On the first phrases taught when learning about computers was "GIGO - Garbage in, garbage out". Readers need to be discerning!

How can anyone manage the deluge of information? Once signing up for emails from a favoured news source was a useful way of getting news - but the time that could be spent opening and reading all the emails would take a significant bite out of anyone's day!

I found it useful to set up a twitter account (WM Alert) - which subscribes to tweets from news sources that I respect and trust - for example -

News Organisations (UK)
- BBC Politics
- Guardian Politics
- Indy Politics (The Independent)

News Organisations (US)
- New York Times Politics
- (Washington) Post Politics
- NPR Politics
- CNN Politics
- MSNBC Politics

Parliamentary Specialists
- UK Parliament
- ePolitix
- LobbyDog

Congressional Specialists
- Roll Call
- The Hill
- Politico

In addition I subscribe to feeds from various reporters on the Hill

Academic/Think Tanks
- Brookings
- Hansard Society
- Chatham House

and many more, including (the full list is available on the WM_Alert page on twitter). I use WM_Alert for my personal use, but also retweet stories of interest. You are very welcome to subscribe

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