Thursday, 11 November 2010

Washminster Returns - to a full agenda

Thank you for returning to Washminster after its short break. I'd particularly like to thank those of you who knew of the circumstances and sent your condolences on the death of my Father.


The big issue facing the House of Representatives is reform of its procedures and practices. A review is being conducted by the Republican transition team, headed by Greg Walden, and we will of course be following this issue closely. The transition website can be accessed here.

The Senate has, through the frequent threat of a filibuster, been unable to move much business forward in recent years. Although the Constitution requires special majorities for specific matters, the requirement for sufficient votes to gain cloture, means that there is now a de facto special majority of 3/5th (60 votes) needed for any business. Will this continue? or will it come under sustained challenge in the New Congress? January certainly is shaping up to be an interesting month for Congressional practice!

At Westminster the Opposition is beginning to find its feet. Constitutional Reform continues to play a major part in the legislative business of both Houses.

We live in interesting times! Follow events on Washminster - and please tell your friends, students, tutors etc about this educational blog.

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