Thursday, 10 May 2007

Future Leadership of the Labour Party

Tony Blair is set to announce his resignation as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party this morning. It can hardly be described as news, as it has been trailed so heavily for so long.

The question of who will replace him has also become a non-news item. Gordon Brown's succession seems secure. The only issue of detail is whether Michael Meacher or John McDonnell will be the left wing candidate for the leader's post heading for a crushing defeat.

Interest at Westminster is focused on who will be the Deputy Leader. John Prescott has announced that he will leave at the same time as Tony Blair. The position open is 'Deputy Leader of the Labour Party'. It does not necessarily follow that the holder of that post will be 'Deputy Prime Minister'.

The one question on the lips of almost every Labour MP; Peer and Staffer at Westminster when they meet a colleague is "who are you backing? - Alan Johnson? Peter Hain? Hazel Blears? Harriet Harman? Hilary Benn? Jon Cruddas? "

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